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CLAYMORE are formed in the beginning of 1999 by Martin Manev (guitar), Kamen Manev (drums) and Velislav Danov (bass). With the intention to play brutal but also melodic death/black metal they started searching for a keyboard player. After many failures we finally found the proper man - Tsvetelin Baltov, keyboardist of WILL-O-THE-WISP. Another problem is to find a vokalist who will suit to our style. They drew in Tsvetan Rachev - bassist of INFANTICITE, local death/grind band. With the completed line-up we started playing us much as possible in order to promote our name in the Bulgarian underground. For a while we had a female vocalist in the band (Kremena) but she was kicked out due to her lack of interest in our work. After our participation in the biggest Bulgarian underground fest "HYSTERIA" we involved second guitarist in the band - Emil Petev. Because of the upcoming interest in CLAYMORE from fanzines, radios and fans, we recorded a demo called "WARRIORS OF CLAYMORE" (this is not our first demo, it is the first that is good enough to be heard). The demo features seven songs and some of them can be heard on our site. Now we're searching for serious label interested to work with us.

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